Thursday, December 5, 2013

Peacebreakers - Every Day Battle 7"

 photo peacebreakersrecord_zps6ea79826.jpg

Now here's one I've been waiting for for-fucking-ever. Every time I've seen Peacebreakers they've played shitloads of songs none of which appear on that 3 song tape. My friend Tim who I met in Boston who now lives in the bay was nice enough to give me the tracks for the new Peacebreakers 7" before it came out. The session has the six songs on the 7", the three tape songs re-recorded and four new songs that are all on par with the level of 'sickness' you'd expect from this band. This band is fucking great and PJ is an incredible drummer. Super solid. This record has a great rudimentary, super punk Boston feel. Five stars for sure.

 photo peacebreakersinsertrec_zpsef97f2a0.jpg

 photo peacebreakersinsertlrics_zps9bf00529.jpg

 photo peacebreakersback_zpsa3241316.jpg



  1. waiting for my copy to show up in the mail, thanks for posting this!

  2. that foreign exchange song is fucked up!

  3. what's it going to take to hear that tape you got?

  4. The foreign exchange song is about people moving to Boston from out of the city