Friday, December 6, 2013

86 Mentality - Final Exit

 photo 86finalexit_zps79202a07.jpg

I feel no need to put up the first 86 record anytime soon because it is the holy grail right now haha. The attention is due because that record is incredibly good but since that reunion at Damaged City everybody is freaking out over it. I was too the first time I heard it so I guess it makes sense. Speaking of which, that reunion was fucking amazing. When I saw there was a special guest I had my fingers crossed for No Justice. We toured out there to play and I had no idea 86 or Striking Distance was playing. I moshed my ass off. I did see that Jason had reissued the 86 discography (MINUS THIS RECORD) on an LP as well as Striking Distance's 'March To Your Grave' which i posted here . Those were my first clues. Seeing Striking Distance in that tiny room at the after show was an out of control experience. I would have never guessed I'd be moshing that hard at close to 3am haha. I don't know why this record is so often under-appreciated, it is probably my favorite 86 Mentality record. Has more of a catchy street punk feel but with that same aggressive hardcore edge. Outro/Anti-Society might be my favorite song they've written. Anyway, here is this because it's really hard to find downloads of on the internet. Also here's footage of the reunion from Damaged City where many of my stagedives abound, haha.

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