Monday, December 9, 2013

Tenement - Napalm Dream

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This isn't my usual thing but Tenement made a real impression on me. Last year Adjustment played with them at two shows and Ralph put us on the 'Welcome to 2013' comp with them. Live I didn't think much of it at first, it was really good, they are all very talented musicians but I've never been a big fan of poppy stuff of that sort. I met Eric who plays drums when we stayed with him in Wisconsin. He's a really cool dude who also plays guitar in Bored Straight and Failed Mutation. Anyhow, aside from just the members of the band being cool they play a really intense live performance. The energy Amos and Jesse exude live is wild. Musically they kind of land in the grey area somewhere between stuff like Lifetime and Jawbreaker; speed and experimentation with real poppy aspects, 'alternative' so to speak. Kinda like the later 90s rev catalog. After seeing them in the Midwest a few times I jammed the comp track 'Rain In Mind' and it blew me away. That song is incredible. I picked up this LP later on which is definitely their most poppy release but it really grew on me. It's infectious, I can't stop listening to it! Check it out for yourself!

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