Saturday, May 4, 2013

Caged Animal - CA Crew EP

  photo cagedanimalep_zps135553e4.jpg

Max is always in the best bands from the Bay and this EP is no exception. Hard hitting, I mean come on it's 8 songs in under 4 minutes and one song is a 41 second intro by Antwon and DJ Eons. Also "DFTC", come on guys is this Youth Korps? Short and sweet and hard as nails, just how I like it. Dehumanized and Nudes got to play with these guys at the Rec Center before it closed down in June of last year, first time I saw them and even though it was their early incarnation they already blew me away. Most recent time I saw them was when we got to play with them at Subversion fest. Moshed my buns off. Don't sleep on it! you'll regret missing this one.

 photo cagedanimallyrics_zps95e6902b.jpg

 photo cagedanimalback_zps4ef5e147.jpg


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