Saturday, May 4, 2013

Peacebreakers - Demo CS

 photo peacecas_zps6f09b2ef.jpg

Originality was not exactly the goal here, we have a Negative Approach for the 21st century. Oh wait... NA is back together anyway. Still this tape is pretty awesome. You can't really get sick of that style of hardcore, it's called good. I would definitely say Peacebreakers is better and tighter than anything NA every recorded. Complete leads and actual drumming abound. The second track also has much more of a Boston sound but they then revert back to hard as nails Detroit with their last track which is so similar to "Whatever I Do" I don't even know what to say about it. I was really excited to play with and see this band at Damaged City fest but their set was actually incredibly underwhelming. The band had no energy at all but hey, sometimes fest environments are weird and it gets like that. I hope I have the opportunity to see them again. Also, holy shit they have a lot of material, when are we gonna hear that already? Anyhow, here is more of Boston doing it right as always. Recorded over some shitty Goodwill tape, I like their style.

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