Monday, May 20, 2013

Grimace - Mustard Gas And Roses 7"

  photo grimrecod_zpsd64753d4.jpg

Well here it is everyone, the death of Grimace. We had a good run but this record marks the final release. This 7" was meant to come out by New Direction Fest of last year which was August... that did not end up happening. Two tours scheduled for the release of the 7" came and went without records and now, finally, we offer the Mustard Gas and Roses EP in true grimace fashion, missing a track and most of the inserts got destroyed.

 photo grimrecback_zpsa519180d.jpg

 photo grimrecinsert_zps533e9530.jpg

Let's take a moment to reflect on the beauty of all that was Grimace with some photographs.

 photo grim10_zps71963fd9.jpg

 photo grim11_zpsad64c7b6.jpg

 photo grim9_zps716207d1.jpg

 photo grim7_zpsdab7fbe1.jpg

 photo grim8_zps830acc02.jpg

 photo grim6_zpsfd7533a8.jpg

 photo grim5_zps0fa8e762.jpg

 photo grim4_zps9df0561d.jpg

 photo grim3_zps8420ffdf.jpg

 photo grim2_zpsf8e9f7b8.jpg

Me, Malcolm, and Joe are jammin' a new band, Grimace 2.0, that will be recording when we get back from GAG tour. Stay tuned for some good shit.

Grimace - New Direction Fest 2012 from Burning Hearts Media on Vimeo.



  1. are physical copies available anywhere?

    1. Yeah we have records and plan on doing a last show, you can email me and I can probably get you better information. We'll try and get them on a webstore or something.