Sunday, January 31, 2016

C.C. Dust - EP

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So this thing isn't out but I very often just boot my own copies of things I love. Hayes is releasing these five songs as a mini LP on his label Perennial records but at this time there is no official release for these songs. I was living with David at the time this music was conceived so I got to hear it all come to life, it's was pretty fucking cool to look back on. Two people I really fucking like making music together is bound to be inspiring to me and this definitely is. David has a natural ear for composing music and put together all of these songs kind of out of nowhere. Just started fucking around and it all culminated into five amazing tracks. I dare you to not fuck with the opening track which I once saw them perform after a member of our community died and it was fucked up compelling, "Tonopah" consistently holds a first or second place as my favorite track on this release I remember David playing the bass line in his room all the time, "Baby Boy" is a powerful slow ballad that demonstrates the high to low volume control so key to this genre (saw them open a couple gigs with it and it was beautiful), "Abra" comes in and annihilates bearing resemblance to some mid-era Cocteau Twins with heavy percussion and driving bass lines and leads you right out the same way it took you in then "Mutiny" brings it all together with a somber New Order vibe. Mary Jane brings the band together with her poetics and heartfelt live performance. I can't think of anyone else I've seen recently that holds a candle to how Mary Jane can command an audience. It's also very cool to hear her sing, it's really fucking great. This is A+ material and probably my favorite thing I've experienced coming out of Olympia in years. If you want to communicate with me music is the way to do it and fuck, C.C. Dust is speaking to me.

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