Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Convict - Barred Life Demo CS

 photo convictdemocs_zpsrmod89wv.jpg

Oh yeah, I actually forgot to post this. For the record, we had the name before the southern California Convict and played our first show on the Flex, Violent Reaction tour. Our demo finally came out on Painkiller last year and if you like mean ass, hard hardcore you will love it. We wanted to start a band that just sounded like "War All the Time" Poison Idea and out came this beast which is more akin to Citizens Arrest with guitar solos. Death Metal influenced hardcore if you're into that sort of thing. Since the release of the demo tape we did one short Weekend tour to Oakland and barely kept it together. We are quite a dysfunctional band and our frontman tends to rub people the very wrong way intentionally. Due to this we will probably be doing mostly studio work. Keep an ear out.

 photo convictdemocsinsert_zpsoijwyf2e.jpg 


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