Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Cadenaxo - Demo 2014 CS

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When I flew Tercer Mundo to the states for the first time the drummer Roger was wearing a Cadenaxo T-shirt. It was a UC rip off and I asked him who Cadenaxo was. He gave me the eyebrow he always does and coyly said, "You've never heard them?" I replied that I had not and he said "Oh, you would like it man. Mean straight edge hardcore from Mexico City." At that time the band had just formed. The whole weekend Robert and I talked about Cadenaxo as if we knew what it was and finally realized we didn't even know what it meant. We asked Roger and he frankly replied that there was no direct english translation but it was somewhat akin to 'being bullwhipped with a chain'. Robert and I were even more sold at that point. Flash forward a few months and my friend Pablo from Mexico City was staying at my house in Olympia for a bit and we skated together and talked about music. Flash forward a few more months (close to about a year now from my first hearing about the band) Pablo informs me that he is in Cadenaxo and is touring to the US with Volver from Guatemala. He asked if I could help with the tour (because I book band's tours of course and helped out the Tercer Mundo boys and Big Zit and Ooze the first year) and I said "of fucking course play the fest!". So there I was one year later with this band playing the second round of OHC. Very stoked. Great band, great people. It was awesome to see them all in Mexico City this year for Odd Man Out. Brother bands for sure. Extremely bummed someone lifted my Cadenaxo Tee at the aftershow of the fest :'(

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