Thursday, January 14, 2016

JJ Doll - Demo CS

 photo JJdollCs_zpse7wp3srw.jpg

We had our hearts set on playing with Vanity on this last GAG jaunt but unfortunately they can only swing weekends. Ben did inform me that he had a new band called JJ Doll that would be more than happy to play. Of course anything Ben does I'd be very excited to check out as he is the longtime (ultimate) homie and once an Olympia punk resident. Their set was chaotic and unstoppable, blasting through what I assume were all the cassette songs then culminating into a noised out cover of Void's "Who Are You" which I rarely am burned out on seeing. The demo is six tracks of cackling noised out rock n roll influenced hardcore punk. I could see this cassette fitting in well with some late 70s early 80 LA bands. Definitely going into my playlist of hardcore bands that laugh in their songs. While you're at it grab a copy of the new NUTS magazine.

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