Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I.C.E. - 4 Songs Demo CS

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I had heard a lot about I.C.E. from Robin and Ace when they started it but hadn't heard it yet (I like to see bands live first if I can). With no impression of what it was like I got the opportunity to see I.C.E. play two songs at America's Hardcore Fest and I was sold instantly. This is my fucking shit. See my history in Trainyard and loving wack thugcore from the late 80s and 90s/worshiping the New York's Hardest comp and secretly listening to Dmize and Bulldoze on the daily. Although the band is much more on the 2000s end of this subgenre I get down with it so hard. Great lyrics, great music, great fucking band. Personal favorite of 2015. I can't count how many times I've listened to it at this point, I fucking love it and it's full of some of my favorite people. Download this.

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  2. PURE DISGUST And PROTESTER Are Hardcore... This is Metalcore !!!.... Where is the Action???? This is Bored but thank You very Much for the Open Chord 2 Quarter Beat Stuff and The NEGATIVE APPROACH Style HC... Keep It Genuine, Strong and Fast M8.... like OUT COLD, PEACEBREAKERS, WASTE MANAGEMENT Etc. ... So No Metal in HC Please! RESPECT 4 The OS/HC Stuff. ;) Sincerely Tnx!