Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Union of Faith - Demo CS

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I can't say how excited I was to hear that there was going to be a new "First Step" band. The northwest's own Aram is playing with these guys and adding some melody to these stripped down anthems as he did on the last TFS EP "Disconnecting". I remember having real high expectations for this cassette, finally nabbed one, put it in my stereo and just thought "fuck yes" as soon as it ripped into "Time and Faith". Stephen has an urgency unmatched by a lot of acts I have seen, the delivery is so sincere and concise.  Poignancy of tracks like "No Time To Lose" is really what is gonna hook me but it'll be quite a while before this band can impact me like TFS did. I mean, in 2005 I drove over 24 hours to LA just to catch them and I had already seen them before. Fortunately I'm looking at it through a completely different lense and hoping for a sort of musical evolution so to speak which is definitely being delivered with tracks like "I Want to Know Why". Damn that track goes. Long story short I am real juiced on this release and can't wait to hear more. Current favorite for sure. They were supposed to play Odd Man Out's kickoff in DC for our Mexico tour with Protester but apologized because they had to drop :( My only criticism is that the band is not named Onion of Faith because I love onions and I always say it in my head when I think of this band. Keep an eye out for these guys!

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