Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Firewalker - Demo CS

 photo firewalkerdemocs_zpslzb6rjxe.jpg

The Firewalker demo is getting a lot of attention and deservedly so. This band claims 'Boston' on the cover of their release and fully exemplifies what it means to keep up with the legacy of that area. The music is dark, mean, and surrounded by controversy. It's muddy and cut through by mean guitar and gutteral vocals and punctuated by choppy start and stop drumming. Recipe for Boston. My initial impression was Deathwish (the fucking band you idiots) but for some reason I have yet to find people who agree with me. The only song that loses me a little is "This City", the late 80s hip hop drumming kinda thing doesn't always do it for me in certain contexts but because it's so out of place on this release I think it's gonna grow on me and end up being one of my favorites later haha. The lyrics to the song are very Boston-esque so it still keeps with the theme. "Scorcher" and "Sicker Than You" are my stand out tracks. Once again a breath of fresh air for hardcore punk. Lyrics to songs like "Sicker Than You" are ushering in a long overdue new wave of hardcore punk. You'd think it'd be intuitive but by and large, people are huge idiots.

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