Sunday, January 24, 2016

Milk Music - Beyond Living

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Sorry my scanner is tiny and I can't email myself the picture of the record I took with my phone so here goes anyway: My initial relationship with Milk Music was tumultuous and disdainful and eventually bloomed into deep musical appreciation and multiple friendships. Being very politically aggressive my entire life has made me difficult to get along with which is more than fair. My friend Steven was always someone I shared this disposition with and around 2008 we started Red & Black together. We recorded a demo tape played a few shows and were having a lot of fun being very aggressive and antagonistic. Our sophomore release "Taste Da Rat" was being recorded around 2010 and I had just received the new issue of Nuts! Magazine. I read the interview with Milk Music and found it to have a certain pompous air about it. The band talked about being "record collectors" and why that caused them to make great music. Alex criticized music with political lyrics or standpoints and called for a more ethereal, whimsical and incorporeal approach to music. He talked about how a feeling you have walking down the street has more reality to him than the political sphere and I took this to mean that he entirely neglected that realm and lived an altruistic life with intentional blinders. After meeting Alex I came to find that he is very much in tune with the idea that 'personal is political' and that all personal reality is a construct of a political realm we are born into. In this discovery I came to find a deep personal connection with the band and this record in particular. I found myself being pushed into thought by this record and also using the record as a decompression in times of serious contemplation and feeling run down. Personal feelings aside this record is great and I feel like publicly recognized as such. To say that I love it would be an easy way to communicate a lot of feelings about it at once. Since those early days we've gigged much together and Milk Music has made quite the impactful dent in the Olympia music scene. After a short tour with GAG and Milk Music I came to find that these guys were very cool and I was very into what they were doing. You probably already know what this is but if you don't I would seriously consider jamming it.

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