Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Stand Up - Demo CS

 photo standupdemocs_zps8zsjk29k.jpg

 Don't let the goofy cover fool you, this shit is cream of the crop Hardcore. Before Mirce even moved to Olympia I talked to him about starting a band together. He relocated and we started several (Odd Man Out, Turtle Neck, Cowboy, Bad Blood, etc.). He always talked about doing one where he sang. It started as wanting to be kind of rock n roll and oi influenced, maybe something like 4-skins with a little more soul and its first incarnation was me on guitar jamming songs Mirce wrote in our basement we shared under the title Civil Unrest. This then lost steam and months later me, him and Joey jammed what was soon to be the Stand Up demo. I was gone on tour and didn't make the cut for the final lineup which I was initially bummed on but it all worked out because now I get to pit. Stand Up sounds like a more HC oriented Iron Cross. Like if they ever learned to play fast. The last track is the anthem (which I love when hardcore bands do) that boldly proclaims to do what the name suggests. The fast part cranks in at Deathwish speed and has the same feel. "Police Violence" kicks it off with the classic 80s American Hardcore feel. Oi tempo to blitzing fast part to break to rolls. "Working Class Abuse" is a straight Madball riff. "Step Aside" might be my favorite track and clocks in at 28 seconds. Sounds a bit like a lost NA cut. This band is perfect hardcore to me. Everything I want in it. Just meat and potatoes. Well done Mirce. Well done. Olympia hardcore fucking rules.

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