Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Los Monjo - Cobardes b/w La Peor Pesadilla

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The last two times I was in Mexico (Glue tour and Odd Man Out tour) I had one thing on my mind... pick up the Los Monjo singles. I have always loved this band and tried multiple times to get them to play OHC but they are difficult to contact. This time around we hit End of an Ear in Austin before we left and I didn't even search through the singles. We spent a week in Mexico and I didn't find a single one. Disappointed I returned to Austin and browsed the singles at End of an Ear. There they were, three bucks a piece, both Los Monjo singles I didn't have. The LP is incredible but there's something about the singles... probably just how much I've listened to them. I'm so glad the people at the record store had no idea what these were, their loss is my gain. I think this band is absolutely incredible. With a lot of foreign hardcore for a unilingual American audience, much can be lost when you don't feel as attached to the lyrics or a language barrier prevents you from understanding what the band is singing about. Fortunately, similar to Spaniards Eskorbuto, Los Monjo writes some of the most catchy and interesting punk the country has to offer. Cobardes (Cowards) stomps the single off with a bass line that will stick with you all day. The music almost feels like a military call to action, not surprising considering the subject matter. The b side La Peor Pesadilla (Worst Nightmare) is some real dynamic stuff. Reminds me of a lot of UK 70s singles with the real oddball b side track that does something unique musically. In this case the song breaks down twice, two tempo changes that will get your foot tapping. Los Monjo, please let me book you on OHC I love you. Viva Rock Basura!

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