Tuesday, January 12, 2016

GAG - America's Greatest Hits CS

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Yeeha! So our LP finally came out, but not in time for tour. We had the wonderful privilege of visiting the East Coast again to play America's Hardcore Fest and tour on our new LP. Unfortunately we only got 40 advanced copies to sell so we rushed day of to make 150 cassettes of the record in Joey's living room. Here it is in all its glory, the newest of GAG releases. In my opinion it's my favorite thing we've done to date and I had a shitload of fun recording it. We debated a lot of titles but my heart was with this one and it won the title, I find it to be tongue in cheek to the "American Hardcore" trend happening right now and also just hilarious because of the absurdity of an album by that name. Some other runner's up were "Understanding GAG" and "Passion of the Punk". I'll post the real deal LP with some inside scoop stories soon because the art is amazing and recording was dope. Tour was incredible but we all missed Scott who has moved on from GAG to travel and pursue visual art. We love you bud. Music Video for "Pretty Boy" coming soon.

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