Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Eightball - Demo CS

 photo eightballdemocs_zpsalcxvyg4.jpg

New hardcore punk from Olympia, WA full of some of my favorite people. I think they were tracks Joey recorded for fun then it became a real band or something of that sort. As Olympia always does they choose a specific subgenre of music and do it absolutely perfect and add their own unique flare. Eightball sounds very Japanese (not quite as chaotic musically but definitely the peg that fits vocally) especially the first and last track but gets very 'late era D-beat goes rock n roll' ala Anti Cimex in the second track. This demo is great and the band is even better live. They play shitloads of songs live so definitely expect more from these guys. I believe Wartogspeak out of SF is doing the 7". Eiiightbaaall.

 photo eightballdemoinsert_zpss2ybvpbb.jpg


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