Friday, January 15, 2016

Red Death - Demo CS

 photo Redeathcs_zps6okoojmw.jpg

I received the Red Death demo tape in a care package from Nick along with the Protester demo, Misled Youth 7", Across the Pond comp and a bunch of other goodies you will see shortly. My first impression of the cassette was damn the first track sounds like Crumbsuckers. I even think I heard a Ludichrist riff in there but I may be wrong as it's been a very, very long time since I've jammed that band. This band does 'crossover' style hardcore and they do it damn well. Since listening to this cassette a long ass time ago I've had the pleasure of touring with and gigging with Red Death a few times and they are lovely people. Little did I know we'd all become such good friends after receiving this mystery cassette from a care package. Nick also has long not been in this band haha. Good stuff, thanks boys! The songs fucking go. Also, damn, the vibe in the picture is so good. Connor and Nick are my brothers in Bold.

 photo redeathinsert_zpsd7xrivnp.jpg  photo Redeathinsertpc_zpsltnulrht.jpg 

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