Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Broken Water - Normal Never Happend b/w Faux King Vogue

 photo brokenwnnh_zpsbfsmgewj.jpg

 Another incredible single from one of my favorite Olympia bands. This is an older one from 2010 but I realized I haven't put up any Broken Water and that is absolutely criminal. I decided to start with one of my current favorites. "Normal Never Happened" gives you that quintessential noisy fuzzed out intro transition to a beautiful hook that demonstrates their understanding of the concept of volume control so important to the dreampop genre. They then reinforce that they aren't defined by any specific genre by breaking back into their grunge feel. Flip the disc and this continues with a B-side akin to 'Sister' era Sonic Youth. Love it. Can't wait to jam a new project with Kanako when I get back to Olympia.

 photo brokenwback_zpsyji1o9de.jpg 

   photo brokenwinsert_zpsfbfem59q.jpg


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