Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Line of Sight - Demo CS

 photo libneofsightdemcs_zpstjmqovci.jpg

Welcome to 2016, and for my first addition to the blog here is some youth crew from the boys in DC done proper. I still haven't had the chance to catch Line of Sight but I got a tape for myself and my friend Griff while I was at edge day from Connor. This shit is good. Not drab or underwhelming like a lot of contemporary yc is and good lyrics. All the right pick slides, cymbal catches and snare rolls in all the right places. The demo starts out strong with its anthemic theme of LINE OF SIGHT and carries that energy through the whole cassette. I can hear some serious nods in content and structure to the best contemporary youth crew act since Floorpunch (The First Step) in their track "Through Our Hands". Check it out, if you're a fan of this stuff you're gonna find it top tier.

 photo lineofsightlyrics_zps5yq1hq9p.jpg


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