Thursday, February 11, 2016

Pure Disgust - Chained EP

 photo puredchains_zpsa7e2jedw.jpg

Oh yeah. Here it is. Big fan of this one here. The Chained EP is my favorite release to date from these boys. Great crew making great music. Like I said previously, all great bands but this one really does it for me. "Guilty" is the cut and also has Trey doing some delivery.  Man when that track kicks in. The vocal delivery is a little more gruff on this one too which fits the vibe real well. Refreshing hardcore to say the least. Love Rob's glasses and Big Brendos mop on this one.

 photo Puredchainslyrics2_zpsoywt4xng.jpg

 photo Puredchainslyrics1_zpsmethv3yr.jpg

 photo Puredchainsback_zpskhhxxdhl.jpg


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