Thursday, February 11, 2016

Protester - DCHC 7" 2014

 photo Protester7_zpsxflfmvxs.jpg

The first vinyl Protester release. Once again all the tracks are credited to Connor but the insert indicates that yes, this band does indeed have a lineup (which was accidentally not edge). The intro fucking slams and brings you in real hard. Also divebombs now, always a good touch for this sort of thing. "Let You Forget" is the track for me. Man... I feel you bud. "Left to Rot" contains a few lyrical references and I'm sure you also remember "Break" from the demo cs. "Here to Stay" is mean as hell. Watching Robin start that one off is always fun, he lays into that snare. These last three tracks bring the band in a new direction with hard breaks and some tempo changes different from the 'all-go' of the initial release. I fucking love Protester, good shit. Songs of the edge. "Drop out"... Man Connor I feel you. Also in comes that touch of SSD again.

 photo Protester7lyrics_zpsdjfnrybn.jpg

 photo Preotester7back_zpsw9ufx9yi.jpg


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