Thursday, February 4, 2016

The First Step - Demo 2001

 photo Firststepdemo_zps1bv2zyzm.jpg

Here is the 7" version of The First Step demo. I figured I should start February off right. The First Step is one of my favorite modern hardcore bands to grace my generation. I've driven over 24 hour distances to see this band because they greatly informed my discourse with modern hardcore. This band was perfect to me, plain and simple. Their songs were energetic and fierce and stood out from contemporaries in terms of songwriting and bringing new formulas to a tried table. On top of this they are lyrically unfuckwithable. The perfect balance of wit and an honest thoughtful desire to communicate with the audience. The songs weren't just expounding on the idea that "we have to do something", they were offering solutions and pushing for a deeper understanding of the current social dynamics keeping hardcore from progressing to praxis. Impactful for me to say the least. I remember reading the lyrics to "As It Is" for the first time and just progressively getting more and more fucking pumped until my mind exploded. I've always held the same stoic stance of, 'well these people are butchering something I love but they'll be gone in five years anyway' concurring with the "you get out what you put in" line. In a way it's become a hardcore mantra for me.This was a time when I took for granted that hardcore isn't always about something. I wish I could go back to feeling like everyone wanted to communicate in this manner. Some of the members started a new project called Union of Faith check it out here. This release is perfect though I probably would have dropped the DYS cover. It's a dope cover for sure and was cool to see live but I'm not the biggest fan of recorded covers.

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