Friday, February 5, 2016

Cryogenics - Demo CS

 photo cryogenicscs_zps9ob8y4lx.jpg

Along with the two CCTV tracks I had on heavy rotation from Cool Bands, I feel like the Cryogenics demo was my go to for months. I listened to this cassette so much I'm surprised it still works. When OHC rolled around and both bands were confirmed on it I was beyond ecstatic to see my friend's new bands that I had already been jamming for months. The 77 sentiments are undeniable, infectious and everything in between. The vocals are whimsically delivered in an almost hypnotizing way. I feel like the sound is conveyed lyrically in the song "S489 60MG". Ironically the drug is a stimulant. Either way I am very stimulated by this demo. Recurring favorite that is still rotated by me all the goddamn time. Time capsule band. Could see them gigging with UXA and late 70s LA acts. Punk done right.

  photo cryogenicslyrics1_zpszyvdrlfi.jpg

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