Wednesday, August 20, 2014

V/A - Cool Bands 2 CS

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 Alright boys and girls the insanity is over. Ooze and Big Zit tour is over, Gag tour is over, Tercer Mundo Bad Blood tour is over, the fest is over, the HIV record is in full production, shit is starting to "chill" out. I feel like this cassette would be a great way to pop off a return to the blog. I had the honor of coordinating my good buds journey to the Northwest to play the OHC fest I booked which was fucking amazing. Always mind blowing to see the Northwest Indy bands. Among Mark Winter's endless list of musical endeavors is this follow up to the "Cool Bands" CS, aptly named "Cool Bands 2". Twenty Three tracks from Indiana's finest including some creative and goofy musical interludes of Mark's own. Those Dan Interludes are sick. The cassette is absolutely 110% worth it for the Zit, Ooze, and CCTV tracks alone. Some previously unreleased stuff and re-recorded stuff. This shit is absolute gold. Love you boys.

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  1. it's great! is possibile any track list?

  2. Yeah, awesome comp! @ naheis: Here's the track listing

    1. Big Zit - Hey Baws
    2. Big Zit - Bully Beef
    3. С.C.Т.V. - Mind Control
    4. С.C.Т.V. - Le Jom

    5. The Dan Interlude

    6. Shitkickers - N.Y. Nice Guy
    7. Shitkickers - Debaucher
    8. Voice of Reason - Locomotive
    9. Voice of Reason - Placebo

    10. Voice of Reason - Le Lunge
    11. Public Assault - Inside Out
    12. Public Assault - Sidekick
    13. Wasted Effort - Shadow
    14. Wasted Effort - We Sleep

    15. Dan Interlude 2

    16. Scabs - Pervert
    17. Scabs - Don't Talk To Me (Eyes)
    18. Ooze - Masta Fajolie
    19. Ooze - Mudzzz
    20. Ooze - Nuklear View
    21. Ooze - SZ3KSBJOK
    22. Ooze - Vile Wurl
    23. Ooze - Nuklear View (New Wahrey)