Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Brass - Demo CS

 photo TheBrasscs_zpsb6f44e21.jpg

Damn, this shit is fucking good. Jakob told me he was in a new band but I still have yet to see it or hear it... until now. He sent a cs down for me with the Skin Colour guys on their tour with American Hate. I put it in my cassette deck and couldn't believe it. The first track is so menacing and just blasts into a brooding vocal attack that'd have the biggest stage potato pitting instantly. The second track picks it up and gets a little 'brighter', starts on with the old 'oi' vibe. There's even a tiny bit of synthesizer on the fifth track. The tape gets polished off with a Cock Sparrer cover that of course I was apprehensive of at first (I have never heard a good recorded Cock Sparrer cover) but goddamn these boys did it. The style gelled real well and such a great song to choose. This tape is great. Somewhere between hard ass 80's USHC and a street punk Sheer Terror record if 'Love Songs' wasn't downtuned.

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