Thursday, August 21, 2014

Beta Boys - Demo CS

 photo BetaBoysdemo_zps4dde12c0.jpg

This was one of the bands I was most impressed and surprised by at the OHC fest. With members of Nuke Cult and Trevor fronting both bands it's easy for stuff to get redundant but Beta Boys had so much to offer. The bit of chorus and surfy feel along with some particularly wild vocal delivery made Beta Boys quite its own incarnation of all that is KC mosh soundtrack. These boys killed it. Can't wait for more in the future. Thanks Gabe for backlining your floor tom when mine busted haha.

 photo BetaBoyslyrics_zps26a77578.jpg

 photo betaBoysflier_zps91354f42.jpg

 photo Betaboysinsert_zpsdd70a43e.jpg


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