Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bad Blood - Limited Promo CS

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So you may remember my boy Ralphy from such posts as the Welcome to 2013 Comp, Strangers Demo, or any of the Adjustment stuff. Ralph is one of the hardest working and invested dudes I know which is rare to find with people in general nowadays. Usually disenchantment with hardcore comes on early but some are so passionate about what they do you can just feel it talking to them. Ralph is one of those people and I'm so excited I finally got to do a band with him. On Gag's full US Ralph and I toyed with the idea of doing a long distance project together. Some riffs and songs I had for Adjustment and Scary Man were thrown together and I recorded a rough demo of nine songs all on my own which I originally intended to vocals on. The songs were rerecorded with the help of my friend Mirce on drums and the almighty Capt. Tripps Ballsington in Olympia. We then sent the tracks off to Ralph who recorded vocals over them. Some issues came up and Ralph was only able to record vocals for three of the eight songs we sent him before the fest and tour so this limited cassette was released. Be prepared for a full cassette coming soon. We played the fest OHC I booked and did a short West Coast tour with our friends in Tercer Mundo. More to come soon from this band, I have some shirts and tapes left from tour so email me and I can send you some if you're interested!

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