Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sterilized - Zero Sum Game

 photo Sterilizedrecord_zpse7622a07.jpg

So it is often the case with "D-beat" bands, especially contemporary ones, that the artwork is amazing and the record is either awful or just boring. In the case of Sterilized the artwork is absolutely amazing and the band is also incredible. Sterilized is just the right blend of US hardcore and UK d-beat. Check out the 7" here, I'll put up the second one soon! At the time of this record James (long time Olympian soldier from The Crazies, Outlook, Insubordinate, etc. etc.) fronted the band but some lineup changes are due soon from what I hear. Perfect artwork, menacing music.  photo Sterilizedlyrics_zps7c598f2e.jpg 
   photo Sterilizedback_zpsf3383efe.jpg


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