Thursday, August 21, 2014

Muerte - Demo CS

 photo Meurtecs_zps63d863b2.jpg

Now here is a band I'm really excited about, Mexico City's Muerte. I had no idea that Dave and Yecatl were in this band but they gave me a demo cs and a t shirt when I found out while I was on Tercer Mundo tour with them. I was so excited. Muerte, Crimen and Tercer Mundo are my top three Mexico City bands for sure. The scene down there is inspiring, super hard working, tons of great bands and a lot of extremely invested individuals. Muerte is a dark and brooding band, the tape opens up with chorus on a dark bass lead and the guitar almost sounds like a synth at times. Has a very dark, post punk feel to it until "Santa" when the guitar solo starts burnin'. I think "Me Urge" is my favorite track. This stuff is infectious!

 photo Meurtelyrics_zpsc8e42e9c.jpg


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