Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Glue - S/T 7"

 photo GLUErecord_zps89bb090e.jpg

We got to gig with our buddies in Glue on our last GAG tour this summer and I was absolutely blown away by how fucking sick their new songs were. We played with Glue and Impalers on Gag and Back to Back tour July 4th at Cheer Up Charlies right next to a Pentagram gig. The show was absolutely insane. Security dude's nose got broken, my eye got busted open again, fireworks, flying sandwiches, and full beers were all to be dodged among pitting. Then our boys came to the Northwest and we gigged with them in Portland, Seattle, and Olympia. The shows were absolute pandemonium. So much fun and so wild. We all took a nice little trip to Mt Rainier and a large hole was left in my heart when they had to leave. Also Harris recently beat my cream flips record so I'm pissed. Miss you boys.

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