Thursday, November 13, 2014

Turtle Neck - Demo Tape

 photo Turtletape_zps703f1231.jpg

Here it is in all it's glory! The Turtle Neck demo tape! Well, almost. These are rough recordings of the first six songs I wrote for T Neck way back on Adjustment Tour when the band was barely conceptualized. Taylor and I wanted to start a skate punk band together drawing influences from UK82 and 77 punk and here's what we've produced. All the lyrics are golden and all the homies are shredders. Featuring Blen Davidson of Noping fame. Demos released in Candy Corn colors with some limited black ones for a Halloween cover show where we played Agression, Fear, JFA, Suicidal, Adolescents, Mondo Aggro with Rob singing, HIV and Board Youth. Lace up those sneakers and be a fucking kid. Art by Riley Kerr of Cop Rot. Watch the music video here.

 photo turtinsert1_zpse5da24c9.jpg

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 photo TNECKYTAPEX1_zpse1937652.jpg


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