Saturday, August 17, 2013

Negative Press - Long Haul

 photo negpresslonghaul_zps442f1bba.jpg

God damn this LP is good. Some of the best stuff to come out of Tacoma in a while. Well I guess it's also Seattle, Olympia because of Ian and Miles but for some reason I feel like this is a Tacoma band. I believe it's Andrew's brainchild. This shit is really good. I've been spinning it like crazy. Dark and punishing with lots of eerie and even cheerful aspects (big fan of the surfy jam, title track, I'm a sucker for that). That and the second and last track break the record up quite a bit. Keeps you interested the whole way through. Another captivating element is Allen's drumming. It's never dull and always interesting. Considering the aesthetic I feel it would be appropriate to describe this record as "driving". Good work boys, this shit is great. Too bad I think it's the end of the band?

 photo negpressdisc_zps121dc0b4.jpg

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 photo negpressback_zps54da16d2.jpg


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