Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Surroundings - Tape


At first I didn't really like this band. Tanar showed them to me and I didn't give them much of a chance on first listen. I got the tape and listened to it a bit more and it still wasn't sticking for me. I really enjoyed the fast gnarly parts but wasn't too into the slowed down dirges. Fast with heavy breaks is great, fast to 'epic' slow stuff makes me disinterested. Travis of Sixes fame is good friends with them and booked them a show in Oly. This made them stick for me. I watched them, bought their full length and have been listening often since. The fast parts are super intense I just wish they didn't slow down so much and cut the song length down a bit. Honestly that's just my short attention span for music though. Don't let my bias deter you, this band is great especially if you like heavy, creative hardcore. This tape compiles what are called "the Dune Sessions" and "World Darkness". Release date 2008. Enjoy!


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