Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Looking Up - Demo 2005


Looking up is the band Steven (father of oursound and also of the crazies, blind, in debt, outlook, the answer, stinking ships, and red & black fame) sang for when he moved from Olympia to LA. They ran for about two years, did a few tours, released a full length with Panic records and broke up. The tour they did with Lead By Example was a funny one in that all I can really remember from it was Walter coloring his penis green. Another funny story was when Tanar and I were down in LA in 2007 we went to one of Looking Ups shows. Apparently Steven had gotten a flat tire and in order to stall for time the two pieces of Looking Up who were present played covers. Tanar jumped in on drums and I sang Project X. Refused was also done but I didn't know all the lyrics... needless to say the covers sucked. Anyhow, melodic powerful hardcore in vein of 90s acts like Battery? I guess that wouldn't really be a fair comparison. I don't know, give it a listen for yourself. Hugs and Kisses. There is a hidden Project X cover at the end.



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