Saturday, April 3, 2010

Duress - 7"


Just got back from SIXES East Coast tour and boy do I have some cool things to share with you all. I'll start with this 7" released by a Chicago band DURESS. We played with them in a basement in New Jersey which, after typing, sounds pretty undesireable but it was actually awesome. Side-note: Fuck New Jersey. The aesthetic of this band is fucking great; wielding cinder-blocks while playing, gnarly stage presence with vocals delivered in furious short bursts, the back of the 7" reads "Straight Edge Fuck You". They even covered "'straight edge' in your face" into "chunks". This made it for me, I had to get the record. I had a confrontation with their roadie over something he said that almost ruined it for me. We talked it out after the show and it turned out to be a huge misunderstanding. Regardless the bass player came and talked to me about it and turned out to be more than open to discussion. I really enjoy that at shows. Confrontation that leads to some form of resolution or open discussion. We were both coming from different perspectives and were able to agree to disagree. After the show Tanar and I talked to them about sweet records and they referred us to a shop in Allentown called Double Decker. We went there and the owner was selling off his personal collection. I almost peed my pants rifling through all his sick records. Fix 'Vengeance', Necros 'Sex Drive', Minor Threat 'Filler', Agnostic Front 'United Blood', Black Flag 'Nervous Breakdown', Dead Kennedys "Too Drunk to Fuck", Clitboys "We Don't Play the Game", VKTMS 'Self Titled', and a Unity test press were among some of the records I thought I'd never be able to look through. There were too many to remember. I ended up buying a JFA, Release, VKTMS, and Deep Wound 7" along with a couple Sham lps, Black Flag 'Jealous Again', and Lewd discography. I ended up spending $120. I look back in both shame and extreme excitement. Whatever, they're all records I listen to a shitload and I spent money I get from the government for financial aid anyway. Anyhow, Duress was cool to cross paths with. My only criticisms are that the snare is cranked tight as hell and gets a bit annoying and songs about god are pretty boring to me. Check it out.



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