Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No Tolerance - Demo Tape


Tanar tipped me off to this one and boy am I glad I got it before it became sought after. The tape was a mystery grab on his part and a great one at that. Recorded in 2007, the tape originally did not credit anyone on the recording. It was later discovered that Justin DeTore of Mental and Mind Eraser fame was the brainchild. I listened to this tape back to back more times than I can count when I got it. I loved it! It also marked a time in Olympia where everyone, and I mean almost everyone, was proceeding backward and getting into punk bands they missed out on while simultaneously selling out and not giving a shit about anything (due to rock star ethos contained in these punk sensations). The absolutely blatant straight edge lyrics on this tape provided an ease on the mind knowing that somewhere in the world, namely Boston, someone was as pissed off as I was about the subject. These recordings later made it to a seven inch that my friend Ian, of White Wards/Scary Man fame, was nice enough to pick up for me at Sound and Fury. I almost went just to see No Tolerance play. My friend Sam was playing so I called him to see if he'd pick up anything they had for me there. I later found out there were people from Olympia going so I asked and received. Much love.



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