Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sidetracked - Infamy


Holy shit. I bought this from Jay a long time ago but lost it up until a few days ago. I'll start with a preface: How Jay and Brian do it is beyond me. The new Sidetracked release is insane. First of all, the packaging is a Blockbuster DVD case. I was kind of hoping they had done a DVD, that would be hilarious. Second to address is the musical content. The first track is the closest to a complete song as the release gets, with tons of reverb on the vocals. The following track is just vocals. "Deliberate", "Malicious", and "Slander" are all the same 'song'. I put song in parentheses because it's one drum fill with feedback over it every time. The next track is the only other complete track on the release and clocks in at 15 seconds. This brings us to the title track on the release. "Infamy" is an instrumental... sort of. It's just drums. Sidetracked is my favorite band. I remember people getting all upset about paying for the 'Hustle' tape [my favorite release] because it was three dollars for a minute of music. I feel it was worth every penny. I imagine people will get even more frustrated over this release. Although the whole thing is a minute and a half, which is longer than 'Hustle' by thirty seconds, it feels like less music. The first day I got it I listened to it seventeen times on the bus ride to school. Enjoy. I always do.




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  1. The Hustle tape is my favorite release if only because we put the same songs on both sides.