Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lead By Example - Demo Tape


I put up the Looking Up tape and it reminded me of this demo because of the tour they did together. I drove around with them for a day or two but never got to make too good of friends with any of them. I did spend some time with Jared (also of Pressure for a while) down in California. I remember we stayed at Travis' with the intention of going to Rivalry fest 2007 at Gilman. Travis dragged us along partying until the wee hours of the night and ended up going all the way to Tijuana. I got food poisoning and felt like shit, Travis passed out drunk. I tried to wake him up because we had a six hour drive ahead of us but he wouldn't budge. Eventually he caved and handed over his car keys and we (myself, Tanar, Jared, Rob and I think Luciano?) were on our way. My food poisoning began to get the best of me and I was piled on top of by a shitload of people while Betrayed was playing. I ended up throwing up underneath everyone. If anyone who was there is reading this, I was the guy who threw up on you. Without further ado you may download below. Lead By Example 'a tribute to infest' is pretty funny.



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