Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Josh - Birthday Mix Tape


Once Josh and I had a conversation about hardcore bands covering Oi songs. Sometimes I think it's awesome (see Negative Approach doing 4-skins 'Chaos') other times I see it as hilarious or downright awful. We got into an argument over Judge's cover of 'Warriors'. Josh argued that it was better than the original Blitz song and I argued, along with Gina, that it was not. Josh's argument was that the wimpy 'war-ior-iors' back ups on Blitz were countered by hard gang vocals on the Judge cover. Where I can see his point of view, I almost never think a cover is better than the original. Josh went on for a long time talking about how good hardcore oi covers were so it seemed only logical that I would make him a mix for his big '40'th. A lot of the songs are from 'The Worldwide Tribute to the Real Oi' (just the ones I deemed useful or listenable) and some are ones I added myself. I forgot to put Warzone doing the Business "the Real Enemy' so I included it in the download. That's a really well done cover. Most of the covers are laughable and have a purely comedic value but Josh has an interesting taste in music. Judging by how excited he was when I gave it to him I think I did well. Madball doing the Last Resort could have been so awesome had they not added that ludicrous break down and ridiculous gang vocals at the end. I also figured Biohazard doing 'Working Class Hero' was a pretty hilarious ending. If you're looking for something to cheer you up with hilarity, give it a download.



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