Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chest Pain - Demo Tape


Red & Black and White Wards played with these guys a long time ago at the Phoenix House. The show was awesome, both Red & Black and White Wards got to play twice, haha. All the guys in the band said that they enjoyed our bands a lot and went crazy for our Necros and Ramones covers. They told us if we ever needed any shows in Texas they'd help us out. I think we plan on making good of that offer this summer. The live show performance was great. Fast and to the point, the vocals reminded me a lot of Lack of Interest. To tape it didn't translate that way, vocal-wise that is. I love the lyrics to shop till you drop. Any band that touches on the disconnect of money to product I enjoy. It doesn't seem to get covered enough in any music scene. Bless your ears with the sounds of Texas.


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