Friday, March 2, 2012

Turtle - Demo Tape


I came back from a trip to Wyoming with a surprise package in the mail. What I opened was a tape of a band that blew me away. Kayla, Colter and I sat in the living room and gave it a jam and had nothing but good things to say. The tape reminded me a lot of the Nihilistics in a couple of ways. Maybe it's coincidence because Adjustment was learning a Nihilistics cover today but the first track sure sounds like a "Death and Taxes" meets a Paranoid Time era Minutemen. The next track then blazes into the quientessential Nihilistics hammering drum beat that accompanies the classic 7" tracks "After Death", "No Friends", and "Kill Yourself". This track seems to be the punk dirge of tape which gives me a slow Flipper feel. The third track reminded me a lot of Olympia's HPP and the last two tracks blaze through as the fastest songs on the tape, sealing the deal for me. Thank you Ethan for your letter I fucking love your tape. These kids are holding it down in California seeing as they're only 13 and have more of a knowledge of what I feel hardcore should be then most of the people I've met down there. This really made my day.

I found some information on the internet which pronounces them a straight edge band; adding icing to the cake. Here is what they had to say about themselves:
"justin beiber is gay. why does coldplay still exist? PUNK ROCK WILL NEVER DIE!!!!!!!!!

we started this band because we like the music we play and the dynamic/sound we've created (loud, fast, and rough). we hope that someday we can drive attention away from the major labels and main stream (e.g. autotuned singing, computerized/electronic instruments, songs not written by artist) so that people will shift towards independent music (e.g. none of the things listed above), and bring some sense back to the music community"

I approve, thanks again Ethan and keep it coming.



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