Friday, March 2, 2012

Ape Escape - Demo 2005


The legendary Ape Escape demo. If you are familiar with Bremerton bands but haven't heard this you need to download it right now. You know that awkward coming to know contemporary hardcore where you start are band and it's a little weird? Well this is that period for Bremerton, I mean look at that cover! Yes! I only saw Ape Escape a handful of times and got to play with them even less. I remember a new years show we played with them that they covered Papa Roach at. Good stuff. Evan's first band he sang for before Power. Also has Benn Silima of Power on the ol' drums again and Rodney who later down the road tattooed my head. Stuff like this makes me miss Bremerton and the Tiki Crew a lot.



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