Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mentally Challenged - Disappeared b/w Surveillance


Here's a release Tanar tipped me off to. Massachusetts once again is ahead of it's game with Mentally Challenged. I first heard them when Tanar played me his copy of the tape a few years ago but these two tracks really took me for a spin. This seven inch contains "Disappeared" and "Surveillance". "Disappeared" sounds downright evil, it's layers of guitars and vocals are dark and brooding. The track progresses from guitar driven speed and chaos where whispers, speech and screaming abound to a slowed down collection of sound where everything falls apart and it just feels menacing. "Surveillance" defies time. I've listened to the track over and over and it wasn't until I ripped it that I realized it was six minutes long. What the fuck. Great music I absolutely love it. I heard that this was CC of Mind Eraser's project but I'm not sure who else has a hand in it. Good work, this stuff is crazy.



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