Monday, March 19, 2012

Trainyard - New Rough Tracks


Trainyard played an impromptu set at Outlook's record release just the other day and spirits were high. Rusty sent us back two tracks to review and give input on but I want to share them with you all. The tracks are, the block which is a "new song" Trainyard Lives coupled with the two demo songs Pushed and TLMT. The second track is titled I Like My Punk With the Crust Cut Off. Fuck recording was fun. Ian's vocals sound fucking awesome and the lyrics are great. Trainyard fucking lives. It's funny that one of the lines is "Been three years and we're going on strong" when that track was written and considered new like two years ago. What took us 12 hours to record was three years in the making. Can't wait for all the tracks to be done. It's been about six years and we still have nothing to say for ourselves but sweatpants. ALIEN-NATION!


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