Sunday, October 28, 2012

Stick Together - No More Games


I had mixed feelings about Stick Together when I first heard them. I listened to the demo because I'm usually down with most east coast straight edge but wasn't exactly thrilled. It seemed kind of 'dry', nothing grabbed me too much. Trainyard then got the chance to play with them on their west coast tour and I really dug what I saw so I picked up the 7". Upon second listen of the demo I realized the feeling I got from listening to them was similar to jamming Bold. Suddenly I was 15 and hearing Bold for the first time again. I absolutely love Bold but it's an acquired taste. The first couple listens are sort of a letdown until you realize, holy shit, this is the good kind of boring. Once I drew the Bold parallel to Stick Together I realized I love them. This 7" is much more hard hitting than the demo and much more creative. "Stick Together" and "For Myself" are the "Wise Up" and "Accept the Blame's" for me... in other words, the jammers. Also gotta love the aesthetic.



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