Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Spiritual Warriors - Demo Tape


Ok, back to contemporary bands of the Pacific Northwest. Grimace had the opportunity to play with our hometown friends Spiritual Warriors twice on our last tour. Ben of Nuts! and Crude Thought/Weird TV fame plays in this band and hooked us up with a show with them in LA. We also got to play with them again on an after show in Oakland. We (White Wards) played Prank Fest and hustled immediately afterward to the show so Grimace could play, fortunately Grimace tour coincided nicely with the WW date. Two members of Spiritual Warriors moved to the Bay orLA I can't really remember, Anton is still holding it down in Oly at Phantom City Records and Ben just moved to New York a few days ago with plans of coming back. As of right this moment Spiritual Warriors won't be doing much for a while but with a demo this good hopefully that doesn't stay the case. For fans of noisey D-beat and real abrasive and hard jammers give it a listen.



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