Monday, September 1, 2014

V/A - NWHC The New Blood CS

 photo Newbloodcs_zps7963e957.jpg

Gag had the pleasure of playing Rain Fest this year in Seattle which gives us exposure to a crowd that generally wouldn't hear us play. Some of my friend's new bands played and I picked up this cassette after watching Singled Out's set. Singled Out is killer and I love the Safe and Sound boys so I was stoked to pick up this sampler and hear some new stuff. Safe and Sound's "Excess" is a sick straight edge jammer with a dope break, Singled Out's " Things I Said" is a stomper that could seriously benefit from straying away from the classic rock chords. I can't not think of Kansas when that track comes on, haha. Red Scare's "Early Exit" is a force to be reckoned with. Really looking forward to getting to see this band. Good bands from some of the younger kids in the Northwest. Fucking stoked for more from these guys.

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