Monday, September 1, 2014

Contingent - Demo CS

 photo Contingentcs_zpscef1f8e3.jpg

Unintentional theme going on with this string of posts but here's is the Contingent cassette. Took me a minute to put my finger on this one. Wild intro into a bass lead laden with chorus then into a hard ass sounding Oi feel with some melodic hooks over it. Contingent is its own jam for sure. Reminiscent of many, if not all, cuts on foreign Oi comps. Bad Blood played with Koward in Oakland, Bricklayer and Cop Rot played with them in Olympia and Gag played with them in Seattle so I got the chance to see Mark again. I mentioned he needs to sing for a band again and he said he did so I picked up the tape haha. Worth the three bucks for the track "Killer on the Loose" alone. Not sold on the chorus on the bass, I feel like a clean tone would be less distracting but goddamn if I don't love it.

 photo contingentback_zpsd8fe555a.jpg

 photo contingentlyrics_zpsa038c23e.jpg


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